Day Trip: Genova

My first day trip of the semester was to Genova!

Genova (aka Genoa) is only a 2 hour bus ride away from Milan. There is a branch of ESN (Erasmus Student Network) at Bocconi for all of the international exchange students, and they organized a day trip to Genova for all of us on Sunday. With the Italian Language Crash Course over, my Sunday was completely free so I figured I’d tag along and explore a new Italian city. Everyone else must have had the same idea since there were no joke 180 of us on this trip.


Group pic in front of the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

As I’m sure you can imagine, moving around a foreign city’s extremely narrow streets in a group of that size is kind of difficult. Our walking tour basically looked like this the entire time:


My favorite part of the tour was the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo (the cathedral in the group picture above). It’s incredibly unique looking (the different colored marble is supposed to symbolize the struggle between good and evil), and there’s a bomb inside! A British bomb went through the ceiling of the cathedral during WWII, but miraculously the bomb didn’t explode and the cathedral survived the war. Thank goodness, because it’s gorgeous!



Sunday Mass

Genova is absolutely full of history. It’s the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, basil pesto, and the world’s first bank, so you know it’s a cool town. Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Genova was once one of the most important commercial maritime cities in the world. After the walking tour, we had some free time to explore the coastline and the city that is built in to the surrounding mountains.


We ate aperitivo and then got back on the bus, getting back to Bocconi at about midnight. It was a fantastic first day trip, and I am so glad I went! Now it’s time to go to bed – classes start tomorrow morning and my first class is at 8:45am. Ouch.